girls night vibes

girls night vibes


Mountain Creek

Today june 30, 2017 I went to mountain creek waterpark. It was amazing. The highlight of the trip was the workout I got. My fitbit reads 70,000 steps. Thats a great accomplishment.

  The rides were amazing, although a bit intense. The have many activities like a huge bike trail. Also in the winter time there is sking and snowboarding and many snow activities. The waterpark is for all ages, but i recommend being careful walking around because it is on a hill. It has many rides. My favorite water ride has to be Colorado River Rapads; 2 people minimum and 4 maximum. This park includes many rides. The most extreme rides are : h2oh no and high anxiety. 

   The park includes a free sky ride, which is a 5 mile ride in elevator like open air vessel. This caries you to a very high distance where you can most of nj. If you are scared of heights I wouldn’t recommend this. The park also includes free ziplinning. 

  There is many options of food and treats in the park for sale. You cannot bring food in the park. You can bring food and keep it in your car, you can take a break go to your car and eat and come back. The park has lockers which cost but very cheap. (4 sizes)

Last Day Of School

Today june 23, 2017 is the last of school in my district. I will be tracking my summer on here. This summer my family has planned to make it exciting. Stay tuned for more.

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